Sunday, March 20, 2011

Question on Traveling to China

 Is it safe to travel to china?
2.       What time of the year is it best to go to china?
3.       What tourist attractions should I not miss when I am in china?
4.       Can you recommend a reputable travel agency that offers the best deals to china?
5.       Do they speak English in china?
6.       What do I need to bring when I am in china?
7.       What  are “taboo stuff” in china that I must observe while I am there?
8.       What is the best restaurant in china that I should go to taste the best of china’s delicacies?
9.       Is it advisable to go with a tourist guide or can I visit china on my own?
10.   Do I need to learn a few Mandarin o Chinese words before I go there?

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